what a way to start the week

so these last few days have been really hard, more on james then me back as a family its the hardest .so at the start of the week our cat waffles was fine monday hit and she was in pain cry screaming bragging her back lags not eating anything .yesterday i left to work and when i saw her she was doing a little better but i get as my hell of a day of work went on she did not james had to put her down  he didn’t tell me till after we went to bike night on the way home … man i cried and cried i feel so bad because there’s nothing i can do for james after 14 years of his left was with that cat i just don’t know what to say .. i say i love you and huge him but nothing so when this hits him its going to be hard and i just hope i will be here for him as he has down for me

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sorry  i knew i said i would update everyday but going in to work at 5am kicks my butt . so thing that have been going on getting ready for the wedding really hard i have to get all these stupid fine little details done which are so hard and if anyone ever tells you wedding are easy they are lie and walk away … my dress will be back in again sometime in june hope in prefect condition the bridesmaid are starting to go in for there fitting which is good . james mom is going to be making our cake still looking for a cater and photographer my friend keep saying they do it but i want everyone to be having fun not working is that wrong?

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ok so sunday was the day from hell at work i mean really busy and everything going wrong monday came didnt have to go to work so i worked on the wedding . then today came really didnt want to go in becuase i new i would have a talking to when i got into the store and what a suprize didnt even make it in to the door and theres my boss got put your stuff away we need to talk just when i think im going to hear here your last pay check she say ok now walk me step by step what happen so i did and she wasnt to made she wasnt happy but i still have my job and man i was out on time today so there was no issues….

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Hello world!

so this is my frist blog im going to do a daily blog about what is going on in my life i have alot going on i have my life my dogs my soon to be marrierd life and my love

all in a days work its fun to be me

peace and love


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